Wednesday, May 9, 2007


After hours of travelling and a few days of holidays, we will finally be arriving in Helsinki tomorrow!!

AM2E is totally prepared and ready to rock n' roll!

We are preparing for a media storm when we arrive and are currently working to scehdule the meetings with several European newspapers!

Here is a message to all of you who are still interested in getting in touch with us:


Asian Mission to Eurovision (AM2E) is finally on the way. AM2E is the unusual journey of two Hong Konger's to Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki.

"Since Eurovision has not yet come to Asia we will bring Asia to Eurovision", Mathias Fridholm, co-founder of AM2E says. Totally they will spend 40 hours of travelling in order to see the spectacular show live. It is also a costly adventure.

"Only calling from Hong Kong to reserve tickets and waiting in the telephone queue costed us 700 Hong Kong dollars", says Mr Fridholm.

"But it is worth every cent", says Sai Daswani. "I am really excited about watching the Eurovision live for the first time. I have a few favourites like France's Les Fatals Picards, Romania's Todomondo, Cyprus' Evridiki and I especially like the Swedish entry, The Ark. I find Ola Salo very talented and intelligent and I really look forward to all the great performances!"

AM2E is currently working on plans to get the support of local broadcasters in Asia to consider “EurAsia Song Contest”.

For more information about AM2E please call +46 70 560 62 07.

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