Friday, May 11, 2007


It as a great Semi-final show last night which lasted a whole 4 hours at the Hartwall Areena!!

As for the results, AM2E made 3 correct predictions while the others all seemed to qualify against the odds!!!
  • Belarus
  • FYR Macedonia
  • Slovenia
  • Hungary
  • Georgia
  • Latvia
  • Serbia
  • Bulgaria
  • Turkey
  • Moldova

Looks like the final will be a real battle of the East and West!

This year's results have brought up some speculations that the funding countries i.e. the Big 4 might decide to pull out due to the imbalance in votes!

We understand this because even the countries we thought were only medicore in the semi-final reherals really stepped up for the live performance and deserved to go through but did not!

Even though they did not go through, we feel the following performances were absolutely brilliant and deserve a mention:

DJ Bobo - Vampires are Alive - Switzerland

DJ Bobo must have been very shocked to hear the results as he was tipped as a favourite to go through to the final! The performance was great and everyone was impressed!

DQ - Drama Queen - Denmark

At the end of the performance, Peter Andersen, performer of DQ received a standing ovation!! Everyone was singing along, therefore it is difficult to understand how he was not able to go through!!

Cyprus - Comme ci Comme ca - Evridiki

This was AM2E's hot facourite to get through... the performance was absolutely stunning and it is a real shame that she did not go through!

Iceland - Valentine Lost - Erikur Hauksson

In a competition full of over the top ballads and such, it is nice to see someone who still believes in real Rock n' Roll. Erikur's performance was definately worth a better destiny!!!

Norway - Ven a Bailar Conmigo - Guri Schenke

Guri's performance was sensational and it really got the crowd going!!! But it obviously did not move the rest of the European voting crowd. This song was great! Catchy! Fun! Too bad it's not in the final!!!

Anyway, what's happened has happened. We are off to see the rehersals for the final performances tonight which will be great!!! AM2E can't wait to see Lordi again! And The Ark, Les Fatals Picards, Sarbel, D'Nash and of course, the lovely, Verka Serduchka......... etc!!!

A last note about last night - we are happy that Hungary got through. Her performance was flawless! The same goes for Serbia which also got a standing ovation!!!

Good Luck to all the performers in the Final!!!

(Here is a picture of the winner from last night who have qualified into the Finals!)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your reports!

Mr. X said...

Cyprus shuld have got in.. :'(

Anonymous said...

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