Monday, May 14, 2007


What an incredible week!

I've finally fulfilled my lifelong dream of going to a Eurovision Song Contest. Watching clips of the show on the internet, I must say that it definitely is much much MUCH better live!!

Only 2 days later and many details of next year's ESC have emerged:

Here's what we know so far:
  • Eurovision Song Contest 2008 will be held in Serbia thanks to Maria Serifovic
  • Most likely it will be held in Belgrade, although there are debates about whether they should host it in some other city.
  • If it is indeed Belgrade, the venue will most likely be at the Beogradska Arena sks Belgrade Arena which seats approximately 23,000 people.
  • Palestine seems to have launched their own "Palestinian mission to Eurovision" too! No doubt someone took the "Tea Bags" lyrics a bit too serious!!!
  • Several late submissions to the EBU for this year's ESC will try to make it again - these include: Italy, Luxembourg, Azerbaijan and Tunisia.
  • Other countries that have shown interest in taking part in the event include the likes of Kazakhstan, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Syria and even Iraq!!!
  • Lebanon tried for ESC 2007 but failed - the EBU has banned them until 2009!
  • The Kosovars are apparently keen on joining in on the fun too!
A lot of people seem to think the suits at the EBU have gone mad and need some geography refresher lessons, but hey, think about the whole point of the Eurovision it was to unite countries that were previously against each other.

I for one support this... this however means that they whole format of the Eurovision needs to me reworked!

More on that next time... jet lag is starting to kick in!

Thanks again to all the lovely Finnish people! Helsinki is a really great place and I was really impressed by the whole event!

AM2E have also become minor superstars in our own right! We appeared on TV in several countries... apparently a tiny picture of us appeared in the free "Metro" paper of Moscow... we went live on Web TV and most importantly, we spoke to Verka Serduchka!

Yay! In the words of the crazy mirror-headed Ukranian... OK! Happy end!

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bartek said...

Thank you so much AM2E for the blog. It was almost like being there with you. All in the comfort of my office. wow