Saturday, May 12, 2007


Back from the final rehearsal for the final! Great show!! Don't miss Lordi and the hysteric show by Apocalypse (Can someone smell the pyrotechnics!!!).

So who will win?

First a list of competitors we would LIKE to win:

Spain: Boyband with G:son's signature catchy song and colorful performance
Serbia: Sometimes less is more...
Ukraine: Sometimes over the top with extra everything is even better
Sweden: Ola is Ola is Ohlala
SK's choice: Bulgaria: A banging song by banging of 100 drums
MF's choice: Germany: Super cool, classy, big band schlager

Despite our failiure of picking the right songs in the semi we will give it another try.

This is what we think will happen:
5th place: Spain
4th place: Bulgaria
3rd place: Latvia
2nd place: Ukraine
1st place: Serbia

Of course our predictions are based on what we have seen at the reherals and we would not be surprised if any of the 2nd-5th place predictions actually win... however we feel that there is a big threat from 6 men with high hats (Latvia) to grab 1st place!!

Anyway, here are some pictures from the finals rehersal:

Greetings! From the land of Hope and Lordi!

I Love you mi Vida!!
Suave and sophisticated Roger Cicero!
Too many sparkles and lights and too bombastic... but we love it! And we love Verka!


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