Thursday, May 10, 2007


We have just watched the final rehearsal for the big semi final show tonight. These are the songs we hope will qualify for the final (in order of appearance)

Bulgaria: Powerful song and a powerful performance. Heavy drums and a nice voice!

Cyprus: Will also be one of the favourites in the final

Belarus: Nice performance with climbing girls!

Iceland: Only just, but Eirikur gives his very best on the stage!

Switzerland: We were expecting more from the vampires but still a qualifier

Denmark: Drama Queen really gets the audience going!

Serbia: So nice, so soft, so powerful, so... great!!!

Norway: Most impressive dress change ever!

Hungary: A song we did not expect much from but it was a really pleasant surprise. What a voice!!

Belgium: Love Power! Swing it guys!

Closest to qualify to this list was Andorra, Poland, Turkey and Macedonia.

This is what we think. In a few ours we will know what Europe thinks!

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Anonymous said...

Great reportage! Go Belgium!