Tuesday, March 20, 2007


The very first betting odds are out for the Eurovision. BETFAIR currently have the following favourites:

1. Sweden 6x
2. Serbia 19x
3. Greece 21x
4. UK (!) 22x
5. Ukraine (!!) 22x

Well, this is still early days. More companies will start the betting soon and AM2E will of course follow the development.


Anonymous said...

where is france ?
they have the best song this time !!


MF said...

France is currently at 54 times the money somewhere in the middle. Im sure the odds will go down for them later on.

Anonymous said...

that is great news because its really a long time since france made a good effort in the eurovision.


Anonymous said...

i read your country focus about france. do you know last year virginie pouchain was a barber.


SK said...

That's why France havent won in ages!!!!! Coz they send hairdresseres as representatives!!!

I'm also hoping Les Fatals will do well this year!!! Fingers crossed!!

Eurocovers said...

Love your blog!

Nice to see Eurovision from an Asian view

I have added your blok to the links list on my blog.

Best regards

p.s., there´s even some Chinese and other Asian Eurovision songs there.

Mother said...

Sweden has the best song - but France is very gooood to!