Sunday, March 25, 2007


All around Europe there are now different web pages where you can vote for the song that you want/think will win. Some very clear favourites have appeared:

TURKEY is in the lead in not less than five polls.
CYPRUS is also in the lead in five polls.
SPAIN is in the lead in four.
SERBIA is the predicted winner on two sites.
BELARUS, RUSSIA, POLAND and GREECE are in the lead on one page each.

When it comes to the betting odds the situation is completely different. All seven betting companies that ha released odds has SWEDEN as their favourites (Sweden currently gives 4-7 times the money). SWITZERLAND is second and BELARUS is third.

Videos of all songs can be found further down in this blog.

Please let AM2E contribute to the confusion: we think that UKRAINE is becoming highly addictive and will be very dangerous. Let's DANZING!!
Ok, happy end...

Who will become as happy as the monsters??

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