Tuesday, March 6, 2007


After 5 weeks of qualifications the Swedish Melodifestivalen has finally reached the final. On Saturday we will finally know who will represent Sweden in Helsinki. And have no doubt about it: THIS IS BIG! Half the Swedish population will sit in front of the television and more than 2 million votes will probably be handed in. And the winner is...?

AM2E has the feeling that this will be a struggle to the very last vote between two artists: Mans Zelmerlow and the Ark.

Mans is a Swedish Idol participant and he has also won a dance show called Let's Dance. No doubt that he has a big fan club among the young people. His song is called Care Mia (which by the way does not mean My Car!) which is a uptempo rather traditional Eurovision disco schlager. But a very talented one.

The Ark is a Swedish group with the lead singer and song writer Ola Salo in the front. The Ark have had several hits in Sweden and has also enjoyed some success internationally. "It Takes a Fool to Remain Sane", "Calleth You, Cometh I" and "Father of a Son" are some examples of Ola's super intelligent song writing. The Melodifestivalen song "The Worrying Kind" is a bit different. A rock, boogie -woogie song with influences from the 70's, spiced with a clear sound of The Ark.

And the winner is...???

How many votes will Sebastian (another Swedish Idol participant) steal from Mans? Will the elderly voters rather prefer one of the ballades than The Ark? How will the jury groups vote? Will "Marie the teacher" who has never been on a stage before get so much sympathies from the viewers that they send her straight to Helsinki?

Impossible to say! But one thing is for sure:

Sunday morning at 03.00 AM local time two Hong Kongers will follow the great show on Internet and keep their fingers crossed that they will see The Ark in Helsinki on the 12th of May.


Anonymous said...

The Ark is the best group ever and they have to win!!!!!!!!!!!!

mother said...

I told everyone on my job to wote for THE ARK!!!

mother said...

Tomorrow we will be in Vimmerby and I am sure that Jussi also will wote for THE ARK! (WOW, WOW means yes, yes).

Anna Borre Berg said...

I will wote for the Ark or Måns, I have not made up my mind yet. I won the Ark's album this week from Mix Megapol, that was fun! And I will see the Ark live on Hultsfredfestivalen this summer. :) today Annika and Olof are comming to me! :D

Aunt Ulla said...

Måns is very good. Sanna Nielsen has also a good chance to win, I think. The Ark maybe got my voice tonight. We are now waiting for MF:s parents. They will visit us, and after schlagerfestivalen there will be a kareoke-evening.

Aunt and Mother said...

We have now started the Happy Hour when we are waiting for the Swedish Eurovision contest tonight.

SK :-) said...

Hej allihop!

Tack for alla kommentarer!
Vi ska titta nar THE ARK vinner!!