Friday, February 23, 2007


Spent lots of time last week updating this blog...

As you see, there are a couple of new things for you to look at on the right like the Country Profiles which are very interesting!! -
I've also put up a counter on the page, and in 3 days we've had quite a number of visitors even though not many people know about this site!!

Unfortunately, nobody seems to want to leave us any comments...
Please let us know what you think... about the site, about the Eurovision Song Contest in general or about any of the songs you're hoping to win this year!!!
Thank you!!


bartek said...

you spend so much time on this website... do you even have time to play your brand new nintendo thing?

n33ko said...

Professionnal site.. clear compact and well documented.

D'u plan a stop in Paris?

Please support our "fatals picards" there... they deserve your help... and some english lessons as ouell.

Please enjoie your trippe.



kaka said...

Wow! What a sight! Next year I want to hear a song written by MF
Kram Kaka

Chig said...

I've just found you, but I'll be back! xx