Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Yes! It means we are getting closer to the semis and the finals in Helsinki!! Hurray!

Of course, most of the countries are now in the process of choosing their songs & representatives for the semi-finals in Helsinki! Well, I can't wait till the lists are all final so that I can listen to them all to see which one I will like the best!

I think I have a soft spot for "ethnic" songs - like Eastern European songs or songs from Turkey... something with an ethnic twist. My actual favourite was
Tina Carol's "Show Me Your Love", maybe because it had the sound of the balalaikas and also because of some of the sounds from the synthesizer were all in the right place. I also liked the entry from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Hari Mata Hari's "Lejla". You can see that they put a lot of effort into not only the song, but also the beautifully shot video.

Entries from Bosina-Herzegovina's put other countried to shame without a doubt. For exmaple,
Daz Simpson's "Teenage Life". What was that all about?! I know the general opinion in English is that people there think the Eurovision is such a joke and only losers enjoy it, but they are making fools of themselves by putting in no effort at all!!

Also, I thought Albania's entry was a bit questionable. If you take a look at their entry,
Luiz Ejlli's "Zjarr E Fthote". Both them are Bosnia-Herzegovina have recently been at war, but once is so nice and the other looks like a bad karaoke video!!!

I also did not like Lithuania's entry -
"We are the Winners" by LT United. There wasn't much to it, just some guys shouting, "we are the winners". I could hear that at a football match if I wanted to!! I still can't believe they came 6th!!

OK enough complaning - I'm still excited to see what comes out this year!!

By the way, let's not forget about the best show of 2006!

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OMG what a great blogg! You have such a nice taste of music!