Sunday, February 11, 2007


A few weeks ago, I heard some of the possible entries from Romania to the Eurovision and was a bit disappointed by some of the entries, for example, there was a song by the Rednex (who are Swedish) called "Well-O-Wee". I have to say, this song had a way of staying in your head... in a very annoying way!!

But today, I heard the song that was chosen by the Romain public to represent the country at the Eurovision... WOW!!!

The group is called Locomondo and the song is "Liubi, Liubi, I love you". I know, I know, it sounds really cheesy, but listen to it once and I guarantee you will like it!!!

A lot of Romanians were upset with this choice. Many thought that the song "Dracula, My Love" by Andra Simplu should have gone though. OK I have to admit that the song is not so bad and it has some catchy parts, but I found it mostly to be repetitive and kind of got boring towards the end. And please, whatever obsession Romania still has with Dracula, I only have 1 thing to say... that is so 13th century or whatever, people!!!

I'm happy that Locomondo got through because their song is pretty genius - it'll appeal to many people because of the language and really, the songwrite only had to write 30 seconds of music... speed it up a little at the end and hey preseto! A lovely Romanian group ends up going to Helsinki! Can't wait to see them perform!!


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MF said...

Although it can be said that some people (especially some from Sweden) liked Well o Wee as well and are in fact singing it quite frequently.