Tuesday, February 27, 2007



This übercool pop group from Germany was especially created to join the 1979 Eurovision Song Contest where their song Dschinghis Khan song came in a respectable second!! They were popular for a short while after the 1979 ESC mostly in Europe, Russia and Japan. The group reformed in 2005 for a performance in Moscow with a new stand-in as Genghis Khan (the original one dies in 2005).

The band is now known as "The Legacy of Dschinghis Khan" are currently touring in Kazakhstan together with a Mongolian circus act names "Cirque du Dschinghis Khan"!

Click here to visit Dschinghis Khan's official website.

Warning: These videos are extremely corny and the songs are highly addictive!!
Watch their original performance of Dschinghis Khan at the 1979 Eurovision in Spain!

Watch their equally addictive and hilarious video Moskau!


bartek said...

Germans pretending to be Russian should be shot. Especially those who sing about Moskau.
What combination of Abba and Boney M tho

Modern said...

A great song

Sergei said...

Boney M was the first foreign band allowed to give a concert in Soviet Union and it was extremely successful. Thats why russians starts thinking about late 70s when they hear such hits as 'Moscau', 'Rasputin' etc.

steph said...

ha ! ha !

that's really cool