Saturday, December 23, 2006


I'm so happy I'm going to be able to finally be at a Eurovision Song Contest for real!! I've always only seen it on TV. In fact, I was never so interested in it, except for the few rare songs from the few years that was really awesome like ABBA or France Gall... anyway, in 2003 I watched the entire show from beginning to end and decided the Eurovision, although a bit cheesy sometimes, it was actually pretty good! (At least better than some of those American Idol wannabes!!).

Anyway, I have been trying to follow the Eurovision ever since, and I have to say, 2006 was the best show ever!! Everyone doubted Lordi! But I knew they would win from the beginning! (Some people were calling their music satanic!!!? I don't understand...). If you ask me, Lordi practically became the unifying force of Europe that evening!! Quite Amazing.

So this year, I'm hoping to live through all the hype and excitement and have fun in Helsinki in May 2007!!!

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